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The Sunday Times magazine Travel

Eco Chic in Costa Rica

2015 edition

Playa Nicuesa, Costa Rica, is one of those eco lodges that has five leaves – the highest award for sustainable tourism – but deserves a bunch.

If not a tree. You fly there in Tintin’s 12-seater – courtesy of Sansa – a plane so small that they check your weight along with your luggage.

Then it’s a half-hour of bouncing over the waves past Flipper before you reach an emerald isle with mountain-filtered water and an edible landscape. A paradisiacal rainforest setting.

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Mist Oportunities

The Playa Nicuesa Lodge lay tucked away under trees behind a coal-dark sandy bay, hidden in a tropical garden brilliant with red heliconia, creamy orchids and the flickering flight of sapphire-blue and emerald-green hummingbirds. World-class wilderness – and not a mosquito in earshot.



The Sunday Times magazine Travel

Mundo Hipánico (Hispanic World Swizterland magazine)

2012 edition

Playa Nicuesa Rainforest Lodge, immersed in the lush rainforest of the Piedras Blancas National Park, is a sign of a philosophy of sustainability extraordinary.

The accommodations, designed by Costa Rican architects, contextualized with nature, are oriented so that natural ventilation air of the mountains is maximized and the Gulf.


The Sunday Times magazine Travel


Edition 2011

Guests at Costa Rica’s Playa Nicuesa Rainforest Lodge can expect to encounter plenty of our feathered

friends during their stay at the isolated retreat, which borders salt water on southwestern Costa Rica’s

Osa Peninsula.

The lodge is only accessible by boat, and the wilderness setting means guests may spot plenty of bird species

and sightings of the likes of monkeys, sloths, anteaters and other mammals are possible. “Because of the remoteness

of this place, to have encounters with wildlife is not uncommon,” says former biologist Steve Weston, who now

works at the resort. Over 250 species of fl owers are found in the area. The Playa Nicuesa Rainforest Lodge has four private cabins and the four-room Mango Guesthouse that the lodge says is “tucked within a 165-acre tropical-

rainforest preserve.”


Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet Costa Rica

2010 Edition

A spectacular addition to the Golfo Dulce. Nestled into a 65 hectare private rainforest reserve. The accommodations are all superbly decorated and maintained and feature four rooms in a guesthouse and four private cabins. All rooms are open air and beautifully appointed with indigenous textile spreads, hey have private hot water bathrooms with garden shower. Electricity is proved through solar power.”

Thomas Cook Traveler Guide

The Thomas Cook Traveler To Costa Rica

2009 Edition

This lodge combines luxury with sustainability in the rainforest of Piedras Blancas. Beautifully crafted wooden rooms and cabins with balcony and porch, open-air solar-heated bathroom, fan and mosquito net. Children aged six and over welcomed. The excellent chef caters specially for vegetarians and dietary requirements. Communal dining room and bar area. Guests are collected from Golfito or Puerto Jiménez by boat. Guided activities and tours.

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Alastair Sawday’s Green Places to Stay

2007 Edition

“The front garden is a powder blue ocean, the back yard is a tropical green rainforest. Access is by boat only. But who wants to go anywhere? This combination of adventure camp and chill-out retreat rubbing along happily with nature is totally seductive. Local woods, recycled plastic roof tiles, thatch roofs and solar energy are just the environmental starters. Wraparound louvre doors provide air conditioning and there are no TVs, radios or generator buzz. Just beautiful, relaxed surroundings of polished woods, colorful Guatemalan fabrics, jungle noises and spectacular ocean and forest views from private verandas. Retreat to a shady hammock or share jungle-adventure stories in the treetop bar. Local staff are a smiling presence while exuberant host Michael and Donna join guests for Latino-style meals. Fun, festive and under the stars “

New Key to Costa Rica

The New Key to Costa Rica

2004 Edition

A unique ecotourism opportunity on the Golfo Dulce… The water on this part of the gulf is protected and lake-like, good for the kids. Their dock is the perfect place to see bioluminescence at night. The fish glow as they swim by. Trails into the rainforest behind the lodge are flat and comfortable for walking. Snorkeling is good at nearby shallow reefs, and the use of kayaks is free for guests… Readers that have stayed a week say there is plenty to do.

Magazines & Newspapers

“Paradise in the Golfo Dulce”

May, 2012

Marvelous landscapes and sustainable projects are some of the surprises in the woderful place on earth & sea.

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“Rainforest Lodge Only Accessible by Boat”

August, 2011

Costa Rica’s Playa Nicuesa Rainforest Lodge can easily lay claim to being far from the maddening crowd and any other group of people for that matter. Th e property, which borders salt water on southwestern Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula, is eight kilometres from the town of Golfi to and only accessible by boat, prompting the lodge’s Fernanda Garro to note that “the [Piedras Blanca national] park is a backyard and the front is an ocean.” The wilderness setting means guests may spot plenty of species from our feathered friends and sighting of the likes of monkeys, sloths, anteaters and other mammals are possible.

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“‘Natural Zoo’ Highlights of a Costa Rica Cruise”

August, 2011

Jonathan Gonzalez’ river excursions take people well into thick swathes of Costa Rican rainforest, where disembarking from the canopied boat and trying to hoof it through the thick vegetation lining the Esquinas River would be a struggle at best.

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“Sharing the Magic of the Coastal Rainforest”

February, 2011

Experience a truly sustainable vacation. We’re at Playa Nicuesa Rainforest Lodge on the southwestern coast of Costa Rica. Accessible only by boat, we board a brightly coloured panga at Puerto Jimenez for a 15-minute ride across the gulf. From the water, all we see is a long pier jutting out from a phalanx of palm trees. The 165-acre rainforest preserve is within the 34,600-acre Piedras Blancas National Park, stretched along the perpetually calm turquoise waters of the Osa Peninsula’s Golfo Dulce.

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“Unplugged, by Land and by Sea, in Costa Rica”

February, 2011

No cell-phone connection? No problem. Creatures — and creature comforts — keep visitors entertained at an eco-resort in Costa Rica on the boundary between jungle and ocean.

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“Rainforest Adventure in Costa Rica Not for the Squeamish”

February, 2010

A visit to the Playa Nicuesa Lodge on Costa Rica’s South Pacific shore is a thrilling experience… There are no roads to the outside world. This is the rainforest, and the lodge is established as a place to experience all that it has to offer.

Sure, you could spend your time reading novels while lounging in a hammock, splashing in the warm waters of the Pacific’s Golfo Dulce and fishing off the dock for red snapper. No one will mind. But to appreciate Playa Nicuesa at its best, you should venture farther afield. To help do that, the lodge employs a group of friendly, knowledgeable and English-speaking guides who, because of its isolation, live on-site.

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Costa Rica Traveller

Yoga In Costa Rica

February, 2010

Reachable only by boat, this veritable paradise offers the chance to practice yoga on a platform competely immersed in the tropical forest and the sound of the sea. Their yoga instructors are all certified and work on temporary rotations, which guarantees that your next visit will be new again.

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Better Homes and Gardens

Days of Green – “Costa Rica’s family-friendly eco-resorts open visitors to whole new ways of living

November, 2009

It’s unusual to come back from a magical trip to a tropical paradise feeling regretful. But that’s exactly how I returned from Costa Rica. I regret that I went alone. I regret that I didn’t see my wife’s jaw drop at the breathtaking sights. I regret that my sons didn’t learn the things I did about treading lightly on this planet while still being very much a part of it.

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Outdoor Canada

Winter Escapes 2010 – “Hooked on Pura Vida

Winter, ’09/’10

Consisting of a main building with a kitchen,bar, communal dining room, open-air lounge anda clutch of guest cabins, the lodge certainly strivesto be as comfortable yet sustainable as possible.For starters, the facility is nearly completely runon solar power. So, unlike many fishing lodges inremote parts of Canada, you won’t hear the constanthum of a gas-powered generator.[...] While Playa Nicuesa bills itself as an eco-friendly, multi-sportjungle experience, fishing is certainly one of the main attractions-guests can opt for inshore or offshore guided trips, or headout in outfitted fishing kayaks.

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Scientific American

“Culinary Ecotourists Turn Wilderness Foraging into Dinner”

October, 2009

…The mantra of culinary ecotourism remains simple: the food you prepare and eat should be always grown locally, and always be in season. These low carbon-impact rules can apply even at home, combining the harvest of your backyard garden with seasonal products from local farmers markets. But when you’re itching to travel, a small yet growing network of eco-friendly tour operators and inns can stir a little edgy romance and adventure into the idea of responsible gastronomy.

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Wine Enthusiast

“EXOTIC EATS – Costa Rica’s jungle lodges let gourmetsget up-close and personal with local, organic finds.”

October, 2009

“On the foodie radar: Playa Nicuesa Lodge in the Osa Peninsula

ear Corcovado National Park. Here, owners Michael and Donna Butler are committedto sustainable practices and, perhaps a remnant of their Manhattan origins, modern-meets-classic cuisine. A former cacao farm that was rehabilitated, the 165-acre complex is entirely run on solar power, and ingredients used in Chef Edixon Lezcano’s three daily gourmet meals are sourced from the lodge’s onsite fruit and herb garden,as well as from the ocean and dense jungle beyond.

Food-minded guests are invited to join guide Freiman Venegas and sustainability coordinator Jodie Thomas on “edible landscape” outings, which include foraging in the onsite gardens or in the jungle for indige-nous ingredients.” Read about the resulting Menu! »

National Geographic Taveler

“Costa Rican Narnia”

September, 2009

National Geographic writer Elizabeth Seward, fulfills a childhood desire to visit Costa Rica. “Nothing quite compares to being sung to sleep by the ocean’s lapping waves while then being awoken by the deep roar of howler monkeys. Although I have now seen it for myself, I still maintain that Costa Rica is much like Narnia.

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“Rainforest Reverie: Experiencing the Rainforest – Unplugged”

November/December, 2008

Experience total rainforest immersion within the fragrant splendor of Costa Rica’s fiercely protected Osa Peninsula… The lodge is situated at the intersection of three distinct eco-systems, where rainforest, ocean and river meet. Bull’s eye.”

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Yatching Magazine

“Simply Spectacular: Golfito, Costa Rica”

November, 2008

A historical and nonchalant account about the Golfo Dulce area, it’s people and the many options to stay; Nicuesa Lodge amongst those. “Wherever you choose, be prepared for the amazing views and warm gulf waters to trump a flatscreen TV and jacuzzi every time.

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Wine Enthusiast

“Stylish Sips In the Jungle”

November, 2008

“In the heart of the Costa Rican rainforest, amid sounds of chattering spider monkeys and crashing surf, the staccato riff of a slicing knife keeps a steady beat. Learn some exotic drink secrets from within an exotic paradise.”

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Delicious Living Magazine

“Destination Rejuvenation”

October, 2008

“Oftentimes, planning a vacation -and the anticipation of it- is as much a part of the fun as actually taking the trip (well, almost). It’s looking forward to downtime, unstructured days filled with opportunities to pamper yourself, and the ultimate hope of feeling rejuvenated at the end of a vacation that leads to daydreaming before even setting off.”

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Fortune Magazine review

“Life at the Top”

October, 2008

At the lodge’s front door is the luminous Golfo Dulce, with its black-sand beaches and fish-filled waters. The backyard is the lush splendor of the forest, where a resident naturalist will introduce you to its secrets. Or you can join an expedition led by the head chef to forage for jungle edibles (try those sweet mangoes!). You can hike, kayak, deep-sea fish, whale-watch, snorkel, and ride. Or you can stay at the lodge and relax with yoga or a massage. Best of all, the 100% solar-powered lodge is about as green as you can get.

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Food and Wine Magazine review

“Best Small Eco-Lodges”

October, 2008

Five local-minded lodges in relatively untouched parts of Latin America that are not only built with sustainable materials, but also give back to local communities… “Five cabins were constructed from recycled materials (roof tiles were once plastic banana bags). The owners sponsor local employees to attend school.”

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NP Traveller Podcast

Travel Podcast: “Are We There Yet? Family Traveling”

June, 2009

The National Post’s travel podcast takes a look at Playa Nicuesa Lodge: “A family-friendly experiential eco-lodge in one of the most unique locales in the world.”

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enRoute Magazine

“Paradise Found”

October, 2008

On a family eco-trip to Costa Rica, our writer discovers all is not lost in one of the world’s last Edens.

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Welcome to the Sweet Gulf

June, 2009

Genna Marie,’s travel blogger, comments on her stop at Nicuesa during her long trip around the Golfo Dulce: “Our next stop was the Golfo Dulce’s eco-friendly Nicuesa Rainforest Lodge, an escape so isolated that it is only accessible by boat.”

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Day 2: Afraid of the Dark »

Women's Online Magazine

“Unite Exotic Adventure and Eco Friendly with a Green Honeymoon”

February, 2009

“Costa Rica’s Pacific coast has been described by National Geographic Magazine as ‘the most biologically intense place on earth.’ This Edenlike setting is an idyllic, remote location for a romantic and adventurous honeymoon and a perfect spot to make it a Green one where you can not only unite two hearts into one, but also show your desire for working together towards a more sustainable planet.”

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The Chronicle Herald

“Pack up, escape to the middle of nowhere Eco-sensitive resorts in Costa Rica do their part, try to make difference.”

February, 2009

“You smell them before you see them, or at least our guide did. “Oh, wow,” exclaimed Erick, a young Costa Rican, motioning us to be quiet. As we crouched in a thicket, deep within a rainforest, he pointed toward the riverbed. “Peccaries.” We watched in amazement as eight of the wild boar-like creatures clattered noisily across the rocks of a dry riverbed. The wiliest one knew we were there and came to investigate.”

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Elite Travel

“Staying Green – Costa Rica: Two luxury lodges let nature lead”

January, 2009

“Choosing a vacation spot that provides opportunities to explore pristine natural wonders, with the confidence those wonders are being protected, is a high priority for me. For my husband, well, he enjoys his comforts. The answer: Costa Rica.”

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“Rainforest adventure in Costa Rica not for the squeamish”

January, 2009

“”Sustainable” and “eco-friendly” are thecurrent buzzwords that drive Costa Rica’s burgeoning tourist industry, but dig just beneath thesurface and often you’ll find little action to back them up.The Butlers’ enterprise (i.e. Nicuesa Lodge) is one of the exceptions. They generate their own electric power but keepthe lights down low, have no electronic gadgetry such as TVs and Internet and built their all woodresort from either naturally fallen or farm-grown wood.”

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New Haven Register

“Welcome to the Jungle: Costa Rican eco-tourism puts visitors at one with nature”

January, 2009

“Guests experience avacation far removed from the everyday world, surrounded by a wilderness, yet readilyaccessible. Playa Nicuesa justifiably boasts that it is, “most importantly, a place that never letsyou forget that you are nature’s guest.”

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Winnipeg Sun

“Southern Comfort – Stretching things for a first-time yoga tourist”

January, 2009

“Tucked away in a remote corner of southern Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula, Playa Nicuesa Rainforest Lodge bills itself as an environmentalist’s dream. Formerly a cacao plantation, the resort’s 165 acres have been allowed to return to their natural jungle state, with the exception of the main lodge, four private cabins and four-room guesthouse – all of which were built on the footings of old buildings.”

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Food and Wine Magazine review

“Legacy of Caring”

August / September , 2008

“The Poetic Words are those of Jonathan Gonzalez, the kitchen helperwho has just cleared away the breakfast dishes. He is chatting with a guest atPlaya Nicuesa, the rainforest lodge where he works. They are in an open-airdining room at canopy level in the trees. From here, you can hear the waves thatJonathan speaks of.”

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Food and Wine Magazine review

“Eco Adventure – Manhattan Bride “

October, 2008

“This has been created for nature lovers and adventure sportsenthusiasts of all levels,says Michael Butler,owner-operator ofPlaya Nicuesa Rainforest Lodge.The 165-acre private pre-serve is in Costa Rica’s Golfo Dulce/Osa Peninsula region, whichhas been called one of the most biologically diverse places onearth, and contains Central America’s largest remaining PacificCoast lowland tropical rainforest…”

Daily Candy review

“Greener than Thou”

October, 2008

Holy Costa Rica, Greenman. Talk about location: in the lush rain forest in the Piedras Blancas National Park on the coast of Golfo Dulce. Playa Nicuesa was built with naturally fallen wood and roof tiles made from recycled plastics, including banana bags. (Something to consider for your next home improvement project.)

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Spa Canada Magazine

“Edible Landscaping: Foraging in the Tropical Wilds “

January, 2008

A new epicurean adventure has guests embarking with Playa Nicuesa Rainforest Lodge’s head chef and eco guides, foraging for exotic edibles from the tropical jungle and lodge gardens.

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Travel and Leisure

“The New Costa Rica”

November, 2007

An eight-room inn that sits on the tranquil waters of the Golfo Dulce. Reachable only by boat, it is an excellent base for kayakers.

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“Eight Degrees of Separation “

Winter, 2007

As it turns out Churchill and Costa Rica are not that different, at least according to this Canadian-style tongue-in-cheek travel article about Nicuesa Lodge… “The jungle is impressive, its canopy lies 100-140′ above the ground, a different world from the tundra“.

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“Taking a Detour Off the Beaten Path”

April, 2007

In a country with many options for “going green”, travelers looking for a rather wild and beautiful place can stop over at Playa Nicuesa Rainforest Lodge, occupying its own 165-acre preserve right next to the Piedras Blancas National Park on the Osa Peninsula. … Going green and staying green is the philosophy of Michael and Donna Butler, who own this lovely, environmentally savvy lodge tucked away in the rainforest. … Easily suited to hosting small groups with special interests such as birding, multisport and fishing; and it’s an ideal place for a family vacation.

Lounge Magazine

“Latino Dreams: Nature & Adventure”

March, 2007

In the proximity of Golfito, amidst a sumptuous, beautiful tropical vegetation like in the most beautiful dream, we arrive by boat at the Playa Nicuesa Rainforest Lodge; surrounded by tropical rain forest and a black lava-stone beach. The bungalows are built from natural materials, mainly from dark wood, respectfully adapted and with beautiful design – a true bliss for the eye and for the soul! Overwhelmed by all this natural beauty, it’s language struck me. Splendorous plants and flowers, some whose existence I did not know about; the perfect ambiance. To be noticed and enjoyed, it is the perfect place to recharge batteries and become aware of mother natures’ beauty.

Travel and Leisure

“Costa Rica: The Ultimate Guide”

June, 2004

The newest biosensitive resort on the peninsula is the Playa Nicuesa Rainforest Lodge in 100,000-acre Corcovado National Park, across the Golfo Dulce from Golfito. Everything here is recycled: the four cabins and a four-bedroom house are made from farmed trees; covering the roofs are tiles made from bags that once used to protect banana stalks; and solar energy provides the electricity. Accessible only by boat, the hotel keeps guests busy with kayaking, fishing, snorkeling, and, of course, naturalist-guided hikes.

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Natural Health

“To Discover and Defend: From saving energy to saving sea turtles, hotels and lodges are joining the fight to protect the planet”

June, 2004

Playa Nicuesa Rainforest Lodge in Costa Rica was built with wood from fallen trees; recycled banana bags were turned into roofing material. Access to the resort is by boat; there are no roads. Explore Central America’s largest pacific coast rainforest.

Healing Lifestyles

“Lodging with a Conscience”

May/June, 2004

Deep within a 165-acre private reserve, Playa Nicuesa fronts Costa Rica’s undeveloped Pacific Coast. The property, which operates on renewable solar energy, was designed to blend in with the surrounding environment, while embracing sustainability. The roofing materials consist of recycled banana bags, and the wood and timbers used have been taken from tree farms and naturally fallen trees. Accommodations include private cabins and guestrooms in the main lodge. The lodge’s restaurant procures seafood from local fishermen, and the property’s fruit trees supply lemons, papayas, coconuts, star fruit, pineapples, bananas, mangoes, and water apples. Wellness features: Yoga Rainforest Adventure Retreat programs.

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San Francisco Chronicle

“Costa Rican Eco-Lodge Offers Multi-Sport Packages”

May, 2004

Vacationers are picked up and escorted via boat to Playa Nicuesa Rainforest Lodge. Days are spent ocean and river kayaking, snorkeling, hiking through rainforests, fishing and touring botanical gardens. The Lodge, set amid 165 acres on the biologically diverse Osa Peninsula features a laid back but comfortable atmosphere. Guests sleep in Private cabins or rooms in the mango guest house. All of which feature canopied beds, ceiling fans, private terraces, and private open-air garden baths.

American Way

“Check In: Green Acres”

January, 2004

Go green in Costa Rica at the new Playa Nicuesa Rainforest Lodge. Solar powered and constructed of naturally fallen trees, the cozy four cabin compound occupies a 165 acre preserve within Piedras Blancas National Park that’s reachable only by boat from nearby villages on the Pacific Coast.

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Tico Times

“Life Gets a Little Sweeter on the Golfo Dulce”

November, 2003

Playa Nicuesa Rainforest Lodge is a stunning, two-story, 2,800-square-foot lodge, soaring into the treetops. Designed by San José architect Fernando Fournier to create a seamless transition between indoors and outdoors, the main lodge is like a palatial tree house, presiding over a lush garden backed by more than 60 hectares of forest abutting Piedras Blancas Park and fronted by 250 meters of pebbled beach.

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Nashville Times

“Nashville Lifestyles “

There are very few places where you can go, be totally absorbed and surrounded by nature, yet still have the comforts of any upscale resort.

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Tour Operators

Costa Rican Trails

Mauricio Alfaro, President

We always recommend Nicuesa Lodge to all of our selected clientele. This lodge, created by Donna and Michael, brings the perfect combination between nature and comfort. We have received wonderful compliments about their hospitality, food and service.

Conde Nast Traveller

Leigh Ann Cloutier, CTC Rico Tours

Rarely do I find such as jewel as Nicuesa Rainforest Lodge. Nestled in the forest, one can enjoy the relaxing serenity in a remote setting or have full activities. The Golfo Dulce offers calm waters for kayaking, fishing, snorkeling and swimming. Plus, the forest and mangroves are nature lovers delight. Wonderfully owner run with unique cuisine. The lodge offers flexibility and can host small groups with special interests.

Conde Nast Top Travel Specialist Costa Rica, 2000 – 2009

Guest Comments

There is no better place to have your first taste of the rainforest! Being here really makes you wake up and realize how much more there is to the world. Taylor and George, Lexington, KY  

The surroundings and staff made us feel we were receiving personalized service – so much so that we extended our stay an additional 2 nights, 3 days! KM Shames, San Diego, CA  

We still can’t believe how many types of animals, insects and other organisms we saw in such a short time here. The accommodations were so unique and special – we can’t wait to tell everyone about Nicuesa Lodge. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! We love Nicuesa Lodge. Natalie and Jamie, San Francisco, CA  

We learned so much in your “nature’s classroom”… really important “stuff” about ourselves and our impact on relationship to nature. Randi and Mitchell, Queens, NY  

This place is heaven on earth! Mike B., Costa Rica (Osa Adventure)  

Losing track of dates and days was just part of the magic here. From the thrill of cannonballs off the dock to the joy of a long swim in the rain. Laura and John, Fairfax, VA
It was more beautiful than we ever imagined. The scenery was beautiful and the people just as spectacular. Thank you! Thank you! Betsy and Michael, NY, NY  

Playa Nicuesa is a dream found. Paul, Italy  

Such a fiesta… of forests, food and friends! Saundra D. Atlanta, GA  

We don’t want to return to our jungle….we love yours! Penny, NY, NY  

Family Reviews 

See our Family Adventures

My family and I visited Playa Nicuesa over a month ago and I don’t think there has been a day since that I haven’t had a nice little daydream about my experience at Playa Nicuesa. Barbara, Luisville, KY  

Our family recently spent 5 nights at beautiful Playa Nicuesa. I would recommend Playa Nicuesa to travelers looking for something a bit different. We hope more lodges like this can operate in the area to preserve forest and provide local employment. KP, Vancouver, Canada  

A most wonderful place with great food and hosts.My husband and I had the 2 bedroom unit to accommodate our 21 year old son who also loved this place–his favorite on our trip. Glen Ellen, No CA  

I think it would be stupid to leave Playa Nicuesa. Kyle (9 years old), Carlsbad, CA 

I couldn’t say it any better than my son… both of us do not want to leave. Mark, Carlsbad, CA

I woke up after 7 days and said, “I don’t want to leave here.” The kids had a GREAT time hiking, kayaking, fishing, snorkeling, swimming and learning. John and Tamara, Montana  

You’ve created an amazing environment here rich with nature, culture, warmth and beauty. The staff here is beyond any guests expectations. I will never forget how they interacted with the children. They will never forget this place!” 

Ed, Renee, Sarah, Charlie, and Henry – San Francisco, CA

Honeymoon Reviews 

See our Honeymoon Package

Wow! Thank you for helping create the BEST honeymoon we could have hoped for! Adam & Stephanie, New York, New York  

We loved our time here… wish it could be longer. Your lodge helped make our honeymoon a unique and wonderful experience. Frank and Nicole, Flint, MI