Ph.D Howard Topoff y Ph.D Carol Simon

From the 2nd to March 8th


This exciting tour with this two scientists, from The American Museum Of Natural History in New York City, who bring their extensive knowledge, and join us in a week of exploration of tropical biodiversity. In addition to all the activities offered at Playa Nicuesa, we will spend our days exploring the surrounding forests for wildlife of all forms with our expert guides. In the evenings, our guest scientists will entertain us with fascinating multimedia presentations, complimenting what we have been seeing in the field.

Introduction to the Rain Forest Of Costa Rica

•Primates Of The New World Tropics

•Venomous Amphibians and Reptiles Of The Rain Forest

•Butterflies of Tropics

•Natural History Of Rain Forest Social Insects

•Bird Brains: Sensory Basis Of Bird Behavior

•Animal Coloration

•The Evolution Of Animal Communication

•Mating Strategies Of Animals

•Introduction To Tropical Plants

•Walks to better illustrate what has been discussed during the talks will also be made.



Randall Arauz

March 9th


Introducing Biologist Randall Arauz PRETOMA Founder and member (restoration program of sea turtle), foundation support with donations.


MSc. Víctor Acosta

From the 12 nd to March 15 th



PRETOMA Foundation and southern projects
MSc. Víctor Acosta: Tropical Biologist specializing in herpetology. Member and founder of “Rapaces de Costa Rica” (Costa Rican Raptors).

South Pacific Herpetofauna (identification and natural history)
South Pacific Avifauna (identification and natural history)
Nightlife bird watching, mangrove and beach walks.


Ph.D Gloriana Chaverri

April 6nd


Ph.D Gloriana Chaverri
from “Universidad de Costa Rica”  (Costa Rican University)
Osa ‘s Bats


Costa Rica Yoga Vacation 2015

From May 1st to May 6th, 2015

Yoga Teacher: 

Cathy Daley



Relaxation Escape to renew

the Body, Mind and Soul.

Join Cathy Daley from May 1st – May 6th, 2015 for an all-inclusive yoga vacation in Costa Rica to replenish and rejuvenate the body, mind and spirit.

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