Community outreach and Sustainability


Beach Clean Ups

Every month and a half



We invite our guests and staff to participate in our monthly beach clean-up during the week of the full moon when the highest tides deposit trash along the shoreline.


Art and Cultural Festival

February 24th, 2016



Join us and enjoy a day of celebrating the local arts culture. Local artisans and performers will demonstrate their crafts and perform traditional dances of Costa Rica. Crafts are for sale. 100% of proceeds support these artisans.


Blue Flag Award

March 16th, 2016



Receive the award for the Blue flag program in the category of beaches.


Earth Day

April 23rd, 2016



Join Nicuesa volunteers to support the the National Associaton of Environmental and Community Service to organize an event to honnor Mother Nature. This year the event will take place in Drake Bay.


Preparing Costa Rican Tamales

December, 2016



Our sustainability coordinator Natalia Solís will demonstrate the preparation of tamales – a traditional Costa Rican dish that is enjoyed during the holidays in December and January.








Bats of Peninsula

February 16th, 2016



Gloriana Chaverri, scientist and bat specialist from the University of Costa Rica will offer a lively talk about the diversity in bats of Osa Peninsula and the projects that she is currently conducting in the area and right here at Nicuesa!


Sharks in Costa Rica

March 18th, 2016



Randall Arauz, founder of PRETOMA (Sea Turtle Restoration Program), is going to talk about the current situation of sharks in Costa Rica.


Natural History of diverse topics of the Tropical Rainforest

March 22nd – 27th, 2016



Howard Topoff and Carol Simon, two Guest Sicentists, retired from the American Museum of Natural History and City University of New York, and recent Study Leaders for Smithsonian Natural History Tours, are going spend a week at Nicuesa collaborating with our naturalist guides to further enlighten guests on a myriad of topics of the rainforest, including flora and fauna behaviors, colorations/patterns, diversity, etc. Join us!


Integrated program for kids of Golfito

April, 2016



Karina and Heylin will discuss their involvement with PANI, a public institution that works to support and provide programs to children of disfunctional homes.


Restoration of the Coral Reef at Golfo Dulce

April, 2016



Join Ms. Kleypas, a Marine Biologist in a discussion about the importance of the coral reef ecosystem, the current state of the coral reefs in the Golfo Dulce and her ongoing restoration projects to protect this fragile ecosystem.



April 13th, 2016




Verónica Flores, a leading member of ASCONA, (National Association of Environmental and Community Service) is going to talk about the organization’s ongoing involvement in the local Puerto Jimenez community and all the activities that they do and that Nicuesa supports.



April 1st, 2016



Imagine the ocean water glowing when you quickly pass your hand back and forth in the waters!!! Natalia Solís, Biologist and Sustainability Coordinator of Playa Nicuesa will explain what this magical phenomenon is all about.


Golfo Dulce: a Nursery for Sharks

April 11th, 2016



Andrés López T will explain Misión Tiburón, which is an NGO that aims for the protection of sharks and monitors them with acoustic trackers to determine their routes on the way to Galapagos islands, Cocos island and Malpelos island.


Diversity of Amphibians at Osa Peninsula

May 2nd, 2016



Victor Acosta, herpetologist from the University of Costa Rica, will discuss the diversity of amphibians that can be found in the Osa Peninsula.


Cetaceans in Golfo Dulce

May 11th, 2016



David Herrera, key collaborator with the CEIC, an NGO that monitores cetaceans, will be speaking on the topic of dolphins and whales that visit the Golfo Dulce.




5th Annual Costa Rica Yoga Retreat

April 3rd – 8th, 2016



Imagine yourself on a well deserved week-long get-away in paradise! More info here:


Daily Events



Daily at 6 am and at 4 pm



Enjoy the restorative power of yoga while practicing next to the sea where you can almost feel the energy of the waves and hear the relaxing sounds of nature that surrounds you.


Sustainability Tour

Daily at 2 pm



Learn about the sustainability operations that we practice at Nicuesa. In this hour tour you will also understand why this beautiful place has the highest level of the Certificate of Sustainable Tourism in the country with 5 leaves.


Tree Planting

Daily at 3:30pm – 4 pm



Plant a Tree and leave a legacy for you, your family, the EARTH! Help Mother Nature to produce more oxygen so we can breathe fresh air now and into the future.