Carbon Footprint & Carbon Credits

Proud Supporters of the Osa Campaign

Carbon Credits are aimed at reducing the carbon footprint and overall ecological footprint on our planet. Costa Rica’s Carbon Credits program is administered by Fondo Nacional de Financiamiento Forestal (FONAFIFO) the Nation’s official Carbon Credits foundation. FONAFIFO is succeeding in reducing the ecological footprint created in Costa Rica. Nicuesa Lodge is a contributor and supporter of FONAFIFO’s work to reduce man’s carbon footprint through the ecological use of Costa Rica’s land including protection and reforesting of Costa Rica Rainforests. At Nicuesa lodge we are always seeking ways to minimize our carbon footprint and the ecological impact created on our planet. Carbon Credits are one way we have discovered to help reduce our carbon footprint.

Nicuesa Lodge has earned a FONAFIFO Certification for offsetting our uses of fossil fuel by purchasing carbon credits. This year through FONAFIFO we helped purchase and reforest property in the Osa Peninsula to compensate for our carbon footprint. We have also begun the official process to be certified a Carbon Neutral Business. This certification guarantees the lodge takes maximum measurements ensuring the minimum carbon footprint is created.

Our current Conservation Program protects 95% of our 65 hectare (165 acres) rainforest property in an undeveloped and natural condition. We use clean energy powered by solar panels to run the majority of electrical service for the lodge. We are proud supporters of the Osa Campaign and the Nature Conservancy work to preserve and protect the Golfo Dulce- Osa Peninsula region through land conservation and acquisition of properties in the region. Our guest contributions have also been key, provided we match them thru our Nicuesa Matching Grant; which has helped donate over $10,000 this year to the this important cause.

Purchase your Carbon Credits & help óffset the carbon footprints created by your flight to Costa Rica.

If you would like to reduce the carbon footprint created by your trip to Costa Rica you can calculate your carbon credits using FONAFIFO’s carbon credits calculator, and then purchase carbon credits that will be used to reforest land in Costa Rica. You will receive certificates of Environmental Service as well as charitable tax deduction credits for helping shrink your ecological footprint. You will also receive a free tropical cocktail from our famous bartender Jonathon upon showing your certificate to celebrate your contribution!!!

You may also visit the FONAFIFO English site for more details on reducing your ecological footprint. Thank you!