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PRETOMA is a marine conservation and research organization working to protect ocean resources and promote sustainable fisheries policies in Costa Rica and Central America. Through environmental awareness campaigns and political pressure, PRETOMA fights against different threats to the Costa Rican oceans, such as Tuna Farms, export of shark fins, over fishing, and more. Nicuesa’s financial support helps PRETOMA with their research studies that reveal the necessities of different populations of marine species. We continuosly invite this conservation group to our lodge to share information with guests and employees about their work and projects.

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MarViva’s goal is to extend the protection designated protected areas of the ocean, because as they say “the ocean is reborn in the protected areas”. They also promote the sustainable use of the marine resources by supporting the control and surveillance efforts as well as educating people on sustainable practices of fishing and tourism. MarViva is spearheading a campaign to create Marine Protected Areas that impose regulations that eliminate overexploitation and ensure the long term viability of the Gulf.  The MarViva team often comes to Playa Nicuesa to share information about sustainable fishing with our guests and staff.

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Osa Conservación (Coalición Ambiental)

CoaliciónAmbiental is a group created by Osa Conservation. Nicuesa is a member of this organization, which is an alliance between community groups, the Ministry of the Environment, NGO’s, commercial and tourist sectors. It’s goal is to promote environmental consciousness through community participation in projects and educational activities that generate knowledge to form a responsible attitude toward the environment.  They promote environmental education through cultural and educational activities in the community. Nicuesa’s donations have helped with activities such as the Golfo Dulce Festival in May, and in the annual Puerto Jiménez Mangrove Clean-up.

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The National Parks and Wildlife Refuges of Costa  Rica are managed by MINAE, the Ministerio de Ambiental y Energia. Eleven Conservation Areas were established by this department to oversee and manage the public lands of Costa Rica. Playa Nicuesa is located in the Conservation Area of Osa or ACOSA.Each conservation area has a group of rangers who are in charge of protecting it from illegal activities such as hunting, timber exploitation,  and other anomalies. They also care for tourists and scientists that visit the area for recreation or investigation.
The rangers usually work with limited budget.  With the help of our guest donations, we provide to the rangers ofPiedrasBlancas National Park useful equipment such as rubber boots, hammocks, impermeable bags, shovels, machetes, or any other necessity.

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ASCONA stands for Environmental Association of Communal Service. This local NGO from Puerto Jiménez has as its main goal to defend natural resources and protected areas in Osa through environmental education and supporting sustainable lifestyles to ensure the well-being and sustainable development of local communities.

ASCONA also supports the local culture of Puerto Jiménez through its Art and Cultural Program (PICA for its Spanish acronym). Thanks to Nicuesa’s donations and the donations of other lodges around the area, ASCONA can provide the community with free classes in the local library, free movies, dance lessons, and a monthly cultural event that involves music, art, culture, sports, environmental education and others. ASCONA aims for a healthy development in the OSA that empowers the local community and its environment.

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