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Puerto Jimenez, Osa Peninsula
Playa Nicuesa Rainforest Lodge, Punta Nicuesa, Puerto Jimenez, Osa Peninsula 60701

Discover the treasures of the rainforest at Nicuesa Lodge!

Posted by: Georgia Atkin
13 Mar
Discover the treasures of the rainforest at Nicuesa Lodge

Did you know that rainforests are the world´s oldest living ecosystems?

They are also beautiful, complex and mystical thanks to their density of flora and fauna.  To truly experience the rainforest and it´s treasures, you need to really immerse yourself into its dynamics and intricacies and this is where Nicuesa Rainforest Lodge is perfect!  Come and discover the treasures of the rainforest at Nicuesa Lodge! 

Nicuesa Rainforest Lodge is literally located in the rainforest that borders the Golfo Dulce on the Southern Pacific Coast of beautiful Costa Rica. This is a privileged place to be as thanks to the property's architectural sensitivity to the rainforest that it is immersed in, your experience is enhanced reducing the impact on this delicate ecosystem.

Beautiful rooms immersed in the rainforest! 

Rainforests now cover only 6% of the world's surface!

Your Nicuesa experience is focused on living the rainforest and its beauty up close by from a "jungle-chic" perspective. This converts into exquisitely designed cabins and suites that are arm's length away from the sights and sounds of the rainforest and the natural privacy the vegetation provides. 

With profound respect and love for the rainforest, Nicuesa Lodge has thought of everything when it comes to preservation, conservation, and low-impact practices without jeopardizing the guest experience.  You will be part of these efforts in every activity you participate in!

Amazing wildlife of the rainforest you can enjoy at Nicuesa! 


Rainforests contain more than ½ of the world's plant and animal species!

Rainforests actually are four-tiered which means there are lots of layers for flora and fauna to live and thrive in.  While we usually have more possibilities to explore the forest floor, the other three higher layers are full of wildlife.  Nicuesa is not only within a rainforest it is also located next to the Piedras Blancas National Park, one of Costa Rica`s lesser-visited protected areas of Costa Rica.

One of the biggest differences between the forest floor and the other tiers is that very little natural light reaches it. This means, not a lot of plants can grow in these conditions.  Many animals have adapted to this reality including lots of insects and larger land animals like the elusive anteaters. 

Where the rainforest meets the sea! 

Exploring the Rainforest at Nicuesa

If you would like to do some exploring of the rainforest beyond your cabin terrace, Nicuesa Lodge has some fantastic rainforest tours that are guaranteed experiences.  You decide if you would like to go solo and take the self-guided tour or in the company of the property`s expert guides who are brimming with knowledge and love to share it!

On the Nicuesa 165-acre property, you can choose from six different hikes on the Nicuesa`s private and National Park trails.   One of the favorites it the night tour which is an easy 1.5 – 2 hour guided hike which shows you a whole different rainforest world as many of its residents are nocturnal!

At the higher levels, plant life flourishes more thanks to increased sunlight which translates into more food sources.    This is called the canopy tier and acts as a roof over the rainforest floor and is home to snakes, toucans and tree frogs.

This is where things become more interesting! This is also one of the many reasons, zip lining is so popular and is nearly synonymous with Costa Rica. Nicuesa offers a half-day zip lining tour close to the property which will give you a change of pace and the opportunity to view the lush rainforest from above.  It is also a fantastic chance to see monkeys, sloths, and many birds up close! It is also a great adrenaline rush!

The Osa Peninsula Region where Nicuesa is located also includes the spectacular Golfo Dulce, a calm, body of water that borders the property. The region has a whole is estimated to be home to 2.5% of the world´s biodiversity and about half of the species that call Costa Rica home! 

 This means that your exploration through the rainforest and some time on the water will produce lots of animal sighting and viewing.  This is part of the Nicuesa experience. The combination of nature-inspired experiences with the comforts and beauty of lodging crafted by design! When are you coming to the rainforest!? 


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