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Puerto Jimenez, Osa Peninsula
Playa Nicuesa Rainforest Lodge, Punta Nicuesa, Puerto Jimenez, Osa Peninsula 60701

Nicuesa Rainforest Lodge in Golfo Dulce redefines sustainable tourism from the heart

Posted by: Georgia Atkin
06 Aug
Nicuesa Rainforest Lodge in Golfo Dulce redefines sustainable tourism from the heart

When you have an eco-lodge nestled into the virgin rainforest on the far southern Pacific coast of beautiful Costa Rica, sustainable tourism comes immediately to mind. Nicuesa Rainforest Lodge is defined by sustainable hospitality and it is the heart of this amazing little gem in the jungle.

Nicuesa overlooks the lake-like Golfo Dulce that exhales tranquility and perfection. Surrounded by the Peñas Blancas National Park, the conservation-focused lodge has embraced sustainability in every corner of the property, in every process they execute and in every initiative they play in the community.  This is sustainable tourism to the core and from the soul. 

Costa Rica leads the way in sustainable tourism

Did you know that Costa Rica is one of the world leaders in sustainable tourism? It created its own certificate for tourism companies to certify in and thus guarantee the highest standards and practices in the conservation of nature, the wellbeing of the local community and preservation of the cultural heritage. This is no easy task, but Costa Rica stood up to the challenge and continues to be an example that it is possible.

Nicuesa Rainforest Lodge is one of those companies that decided to live up to and apply the world-class standards of sustainable tourism and are one of the few that not only have the highest qualification, but it is also a Trip Advisor Platinum Green Leader. So, when you come to stay at this spectacular property, not only will you live an amazing experience in the rainforest overlooking the sea, you will part of eco-conservation efforts for a better world. 

Sustainability is such the essence of this little paradise, they have an on-site sustainability staff member as it requires continuous efforts and initiatives to fully embrace tourism sealed with sustainability. This person is directly involved with the local community as well as with the properties processes. Involvement with the community is key to the success of the programs and generates benefits for all involved. 

Nicuesa takes sustainable tourism to a new level

Nicuesas foundations are based on the sustainability philosophy...literally! The main building was constructed with salvaged Costa Rican hardwoods and its design blends into the surrounding rainforest at canopy level to fully appreciate the beauty of its location.  This means that guests can enjoy this close to nature experience knowing that there is minimal impact to the jungle and its dwellers.

Other efforts that the lodge has implemented as part of their low-impact policies include the use of Costa Rica's tropical sun and powering the property with solar panels, trash separation, and organic material is used for compost. The backup generator is even powered by recycled vegetable oil and the use of organic biodegradable shampoos and soap are key to the experience too. 

A community Clean Barter Market - Innovation at its best

One of the most original initiatives is a program originated by the local government a couple of years ago called Clean Barter Market in an effort to promote recycling. This very innovative activity means you can barter recycled material for local, fresh fruit and vegetables with "green points" that you earn through bartering. Isn`t this a fantastic win-win for all who participate?  This is an absolute favorite and needless to say, Nicuesa is part of this fun, yet very worthwhile community run endeavor.

While the beautiful Golfo Dulce has many forested areas nowadays thanks to the efforts of the local community among others, much of the primary forest was lost to clearing practices for farming years ago. In an effort to counteract the negative impact this had on the land, Nicuesa has a successful reforestation center that grows local, native trees, many of which are endangered.  Through this program, the property is guaranteeing refuge and food for many birds, mammals, and insects of the zone that is so rich in biodiversity.

This reforestation program blends very well into the hotels support for other environmental projects including the Raising Coral Costa Rica Project, the Insectopia Museum and the Costa Rica Spider Monkey Project. All these projects look to raising awareness and supporting conservation efforts for these delicate essential players in the different ecosystems that are part of.   

Would you like to learn more about all these amazing projects that Nicuesa runs with such care and dedication?  Education is a key aspect of sustainable practices and every month the property opens up a space for conversation to learn more about sustainability.  Not only, will you reach a deeper understanding of the environmental studies, it is also a space to learn more about the local culture that is so rich in traditions and folklore including the local indigenous community of Boruca. 

Nicuesa Rainforest Lodge is one of the few properties in the country that truly lives what the meaning of sustainable tourism really is. The wonderful thing is that you can fulfill your dream of a rainforest experience with spectacular views of the picture-perfect Gulf in one of the most wildlife diverse regions of the world from a sustainable tourism perspective. You will be witness to the amazing possibilities this type of tourism offers and why Costa Rica decided to lead the world in its application.

So, when can we reserve some dates for this unforgettable adventure? Come and stay with us and enjoy sustainable tourism at its best.

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