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Puerto Jimenez, Osa Peninsula
Playa Nicuesa Rainforest Lodge, Punta Nicuesa, Puerto Jimenez, Osa Peninsula 60701

Special People who live sustainable tourism from the heart!

Posted by: Georgia Atkin
11 Nov
Special People who live sustainable tourism from the heart!

Tomas, the Nicuesa Boat Captain and Expert of the Rainforest. 

Costa Rica is a beautiful country rich in biodiversity, spectacular landscapes and unique experiences that have put it on the must place to visit bucket lists for travelers from all over the world.   Its fame is well deserved as Costa Rica leads the way thanks to special people who live sustainable tourism from the heart. 

Nicuesa Rainforest Lodge embraced this philosophy and has taken sustainability to a new level.  This couldn`t have been possible without the vision of the NIcuesa owners of course but also thanks to the wonderful team of Nicuesa staff that ensure that guests to Nicuesa not only have a fantastic time but that they share their knowledge of the area, its amazing wildlife, and the characteristic friendliness of the Costa Ricans or Ticos as they fondly call themselves.

Welcome to Nicuesa Rainforest Lodge

Let's meet Tomas! 

The Nicuesa Rainforest team is a dedicated group of professionals, including Tomas, who has been with the lodge for eighteen years and is an integral part of the property and the love for the land Nicuesa is built on and around.

The love for this beautiful part of the world for Tomas goes back even further because he grew up on the land which was previously his grandparents and his parents' home.  We can safely say that Tomas knows this land like the back of his hand and has a connection to it like no other.

When the NIcuesa owners, Michael and Donna purchased the property from Tomas`s family, the bond between them and Tomas was forged and he continues to uphold the essence and vision that they have for the Lodge and the magic of the rainforest and Gulfo Dulce that it borders.

Why Nicuesa Rainforest Lodge? 

When we asked Tomas about why he would recommend Nicuesa Rainforest Lodge, without hesitation responded: "it`s exuberant nature and extraordinary experience to go fishing on Golfo Dulce in the company of dolphins, whales, sea turtles, birds, and the magnificent Rio Esquinas mangroves".

Nicuesa Rainforest Lodge sits on the edge of the Gulfo Dulce and is your first introduction to your home during your stay at the Lodge as it is accessible by boat only. One of the few tropical fiords in the world, this calm piece of water is serenity and beauty. It also plays an important role in the Nicuesa experience and Tomas will be happy to assist in making it unforgettable!

Some of the Nicuesa team that will help make your stay memorable

Rich in local knowledge

Tomas` responsibilities are many on the property but his love is for the water and as Boat Captain, he is the best man for the job as he is at home on the sea.  When not on the water, he is the in-house handyman who is also ready with a helping hand around the property when needed.

Not only is Tomas good with his hands and navigating the gulf, but he also has an intricate knowledge of the amazing rainforest that Nicuesa Lodge is immersed in.  Having lived on this land and explored it for many years, he not only understands it and loves it, but he is also very generous in sharing his knowledge of the flora and fauna that call Nicuesa and the Gulfo Dulce home.

Tomas believes that the dedicated staff that is part of the NIcuesa team are an important part of the Nicuesa experience.  Not only do they love nature, but they are also focused on ensuring that the guests that stay at Nicuesa truly live the experience the Lodge offers.   The combination of "nature, lots of adventure, friendships, delicious food and lots of learning" is what the Nicuesa experience is all about.

Conservation and Sustainability from the Heart

Nicuesa Rainforest Lodge is a "unique and entirely eco-friendly resort" and is snuggled into the pristine Osa Peninsula/Gulfo Dulce on the southern Pacific Ocean coast of Costa Rica.   This is where conservation and sustainability is the way of life and where eco-tourism can be experienced in the true sense of the word. It is a proud member of the Enchanting Hotels collection of boutique eco-lodges too. 

While staying at Nicuesa and living the experience, guests become active participants in the Lodge`s sustainable practices where nature and adventure combine in harmony with the rainforest and the beautiful Gulfo Dulce waters.  This ultimate respect for nature is close to the hearts of Tomas and the Nicuesa team and you are invited to be part of the philosophy.

Tomas and his profound love for the rainforest he was born into and the waters he navigates, also believes in his heart that it is of vital importance to conserve these natural resources.  We would like future visitors and team members to understand the responsibility of respecting the vegetation of wildlife that they will see and feel during their stay at Nicuesa.

To be truly sustainable and love the environment at Nicuesa Rainforest Lodge does, the love and respect for the team that runs the property are just as important.  Your visit to Nicuesa will not only be an experience with nature, but it will also be a time to fall in love with the Nicuesa friends who will do their utmost to make your stay in the rainforest unforgettable!

Tomas sums up his life and loves this little piece of paradise with "Nicuesa was my childhood home, Nicuesa is my home now.  Its natural resources are very important for me"

Come and live the Nicuesa experience, it will be memorable! 

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