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Puerto Jimenez, Osa Peninsula
Playa Nicuesa Rainforest Lodge, Punta Nicuesa, Puerto Jimenez, Osa Peninsula 60701

Where better to feel the feline presence than in the Nicuesa rainforest reserve!

Posted by: Georgia Atkin
30 Oct

The regal puma likes its solitude.

Costa Rica boasts lots of different animals that inhabit the amazing number of ecosystems dotted around this beautifully diverse little country. Thanks to its location in the world, bordering by both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans and with spectacular coastal and mountainous regions, animals of all types have made Costa Rica their home.  One of those animal species is the shy, beautiful felines and where better to feel their presence than in the Nicuesa rainforest reserve.

Nicuesa Rainforest Lodge is located in one of the most diverse regions of Costa Rica and the world really.  Not only is it snuggled into a virgin rainforest, but it is also next to the pristine Gulfo Dulce so, during your visit, but you also get to explore the forest in the morning and have a swim in the calm waters of "Sweet Gulf" in the afternoon. Or maybe, do some sea kayaking in the morning and then explore the jungle afterward.  This will be the toughest decision you have to make while immersing yourself in nature at Nicuesa.

A hidden sanctuary in the forest

The 165-acre ocean-front property is a natural reserve and connects with the Piedras Blancas National Park which means you are surrounded by the beautiful rainforest and the blue-green, tranquil waters of the Gulf on the other.  This means, to get to Nicuesa, you will need to take a short boat ride to reach this amazing hidden sanctuary in the forest.

This part of the country is also a sanctuary for a fantastic variety of animals, birds, and flora and spotting them is part of the adventure during your visit to Nicuesa Eco-Lodge. And if you aren`t spotting them, the orchestra of jungle sounds will keep you entertained and guessing.

Be prepared to see lots of cheeky monkeys, smiling sloths, white-nosed coatis, the squawking scarlet macaws, anteaters, colorful frogs, fluttering butterflies, the prehistoric lizards, playful dolphins, humpback whales just to name a few. Lesser noticeable but a vital member of the jungle family are the felines including the ocelots and the jaguars.

Can you see our beautiful camouflaged cat?  

Costa Rican Cats

There are six types of Costa Rican cats, from the largest jaguars to the small spotted cats and all of them are beautiful and sleek and not easy to spot in the wild. They prefer to do the rounds at night to stretch their legs and look for some dinner.  Lots of sleeping happens in trees during the day. 

As in many parts of the world, many cats are now endangered species due to deforestation and lack of prey due to human activities.  The Costa Rican cats are not exempt from these dangers so it is of great importance programs like the Jaguar Conservation Fund that Nicuesa Eco-Lodge is part of and contributes to.

In the Gulfo Dulce region that encompasses the Osa Peninsula and the section where Nicuesa Eco-Lodge is located, is home to five of the six thanks to a healthy and relatively intact forest.   Nevertheless, there is still much to understand about these vital members of the wildlife community.

These cats were caught on camera as part of the Jaguar Conservation Fund efforts

Cats Caught on Camera

Through the installation of camera traps, traps around the extensive trail system that you can delight in hiking through the forest during your stay, Nicuesa Eco-Lodges can keep tabs on the wide range of animals that aren`t necessarily easy to spot during the day or in the jungle.

The cameras have captured images and video footage of many animals including the Ocelot, a small and very shy cat with impressive solid black spots, streaks and stripes on a reddish and creamy background. Beautiful is an understatement.  This mixture means they are easily camouflaged which helps them remain elusive. 

Another feline visitor to the surrounding rainforest on the reserve and Piedras Blancas National Park is the puma and this good-looking animal also prefers to walk the rainforest floors after dark.  No stripes on these beauties and they prefer to a solitary existence but they are one of the larger cats on the American continent and they are very impressive when seen.    

Did you know, Puma means "Powerful" in the local Peruvian indigenous language.  A well-deserved name for these regal looking animals.

Cats and Conservation

Through these collective efforts to register and understand the cats, Nicuesa Eco-Lodge is contributing enormously to wildlife conservation which is one of the properties cornerstones. Whether you get are lucky enough to see one of these cats during your stay or not, to be in a place that they inhabit is pretty amazing. It also gives you an idea of the quality of the rainforest that you will be immersed in while at Nicuesa.

Nicuesa Rainforest Lodge invites you to be part of this feline experience. Como and visit the rainforest and walk its floor just as the cats do.  This is nature at its best!
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