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Puerto Jimenez, Osa Peninsula
Playa Nicuesa Rainforest Lodge, Punta Nicuesa, Puerto Jimenez, Osa Peninsula 60701

Immersed in the rainforest and where you feel at home!

Posted by: Georgia Atkin
09 Dec
Immersed in the rainforest and where you feel at home!

Let's start off this article with a comment left on TripAdvisor from one of our recent visitors to Nicuesa Rainforest Lodge that really sums up what this beautiful place is all about and what the amazing staff strive to achieve with every guest that decides to spend some of their precious time immersed in the rainforest and where you feel at home.

"This was one of the most amazing trips. Everything about this place is superb. The location is serene, in the middle of a pristine environment. The people are exceptional in their welcoming and service. Sven (the manager) has an incredible team and invests himself personally in every detail of the visitors' trip and makes everyone feel at home. The scenery is incredible and all activities worth the costs. I would definitely return to this amazing place."

Nicuesa Rainforest Lodge is a unique experience and is the perfect getaway for lovers of nature, peace, adventure. It is about enjoying the simple delights of being cuddled by the vivacious, lushness of the rainforest with spectacular views of the Golfo Dulce or Sweet Gulf, its well-deserved name thanks to its pristine serenity.

Golfo Dulce is pristine serenity

At Home with Nature

Because of its secluded location where you are in touch with nature and its profound beauty and where adventure is part of your day whether you are exploring the forest or the ocean, it is delightful to return to the lodge and feel you have returned home. 

To achieve this sense of home or sense of family, as one of our guests in Trip Advisor commented recently: "It`s always the people: The rain forest and the Lodge and food all amazing but as always it comes down to the people. The staff is second to none."   We agree that our staff are the best and they are experts on the rainforest but also about making your stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible!

What are fantastic staff love to do is to share all their knowledge about the wildlife you can admire during your stay at Nicuesa.  So, be sure to take a tour where you will learn lots about the different flora and fauna that have made this beautiful little part of the world, their home.  There are tours during the day and after dark, so you can decide what time of the day best suits your adventurous spirit.  Did you know, about 60% of the animals that live in the rainforest are nocturnal? 

And where better than a communal dinner table to share all the day`s adventures and activities than at the Nicuesa dining room.  This is part of the feeling at home that you pick up while staying. They say "dinner is better when we eat together" and this is part of the Nicuesa experience.  What fun to compare notes of the amazing animals that you were able to see with others while eating a delicious, home-made meal.

Food tastes better when we eat together

Fresh food and family dining

And the meals! As one guest summed it up: "The food was excellent and offered the intimacy of eating together at a community table."  The fabulous Nicuesa staff are also great cooks that use fresh ingredients to create deliciously, healthy meals that you combine with some great conversations at the family-style dining. 

Many ingredients are so fresh they are picked from the organic garden and orchid or are fished in the Golfo Dulce daily by the staff.  How does a catch of the day, mahi-mahi or red snapper with mango, pineapple and organic chocolate with coconut to finish off the meal, sound?  This is paradise on a dish!

One of Nicuesa Rainforest Lodge`s most treasured features when it comes to the sense of community and making you part of the family are that the 20 on-site staff will ensure your stay at Nicuesa is outstanding. Whether you do a group tour to explore the rainforest or share a kayak to check out the nooks and crannies of the shoreline or make a new friend over dinner, there is a space for everyone to feel at home.

A jungle-chic experience

A unique rainforest experience

Why not make it a family and friends affair and everyone can come along for an amazing experience in the rainforest.  Imagine a unique Jungle-Chic experience with your loved one where you can do some yoga in the morning and then head to do some amazing wildlife exploring before sitting down to lunch and dinner to talk the night away.  This is bonding on a new level.

Nicuesa Rainforest Lodge has the art of making you feel at home in the rainforest done perfectly.   As a member of the exclusive Enchanting Hotels boutique hotel collection, this is visiting Costa Rica done the right way where nature and eco-chic is what this beautiful country excels at.  So, come home and meet the Nicuesa Rainforest family!


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